Harrison and Ford House Gymnastics is a cross breed of yoga, breakdancing, climbing and gymnastics in a domestic setting. House Gymnastics can be performed by anyone, of any age, at anytime. The greater the height or difficulty, the better the move. Manoeuvres must be held in position for 3 seconds to be valid. Once the indoor moves have been mastered, they can be applied to outdoor situations and site-specific gallery spaces. All images of Harrison and Ford House Gym moves are 100% real and unaltered. Click here to view all the Classic Moves.

Banister SnakeElevated Dog StretchOne Handed Starfish

House Gymnastics allows you to exercise while enjoying your home and other environments in new and exciting ways. People intuitively connect with House Gym because it reminds them of their childhood, when they used to climb around and explore.

Warning: do not attempt to practice House Gymnastics whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol as this could lead to injury. By viewing this website you hereby agree to the following terms:

i) Harrison & Ford cannot be held responsible for any injuries sustained whilst performing House Gymnastics.

ii) If House Gymnastics addiction forms, you must stop immediately and take up some other hobby like knitting or stamp collecting.

iii) Never perform any difficult House Gymnastics without a spotting partner on hand.

Email info@housegymnastics.com for any enquiries.
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