The perfect Triple X has so far eluded even Harrison&Ford and is the ultimate House Gymnastics challenge. It is designed for the more experienced, skilled and fearless House Gymmer and is based on a move performed by Vin Diesel in the film "xXx". Only attempt this challenge if you can perform all the other moves. A number of spotting partners are strongly recommended as well as trained first aiders. The dismount is the most dangerous part of this move so take extra care. Images and video footage will be thoroughly examined to eliminate fraudulent submissions.

Jason Godbold-Smith

Triple X

  1. Find a corridor space approximately as wide as you are tall, any additional supports in the area could aid elevation.
  2. Place one hand on a support (if needed) and prepare yourself.
  3. Carefully lean forward and press other hand flat against wall.
  4. Position foot on wall behind.
  5. Taking the strain on your arms, wedge other foot alongside first.
  6. Finally shift remaining hand onto opposing wall and climb up walls until back is flat against ceiling.
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Submissions are judged and graded for width of space (relative to the person), height, location, and straightness and splayedness of body. Obviously the move is more impressive if attempted in a public space with onlookers present, as this adds pressure to the performance. The House Gymmer will also be laughed at by the crowd if he fails miserably. However, the crowd can be an advantage as their cheering can spur the person on, and if serious injury occurs, there will be lots of people around to ring for an ambulance.

Attempts worthy of note:

Steve Ray Ché Garnar-Hamilton Mark Thomas Best of the Rest