The 25th Element is a special endurance performance, invented as a challenge with exchange visit possibilities. It involves two people each performing all 25 classic Harrison&Ford moves, in tag team fashion, in 25 minutes. Each move has to be performed in its appropriate place around the home i.e. you can't do all 25 moves in one room. The moves must be completed in alphabetical order and each person must complete the move before moving on to the next. Harrison&Ford failed on their first attempt on 07-12-02 (which was recorded for the exhibition DVD) mainly due to Ford's hungover state, and his inability to perform carpet crabs and handstands. Harrison&&Ford managed to complete 24 and a half moves in 26 minutes. The anguish in the film is immense and there is an overt element of pathos when Ford continually struggles and fails to perform the Elevated Carpet Crab. The viewer becomes part of the entourage following them around the house, willing them to succeed. People connect with House Gymnastics and The 25th Element in particular because it's real enthusiasm, emotion and, in this case, failure. Everyone connects with failure. But the failure of Harrison&Ford to complete their own challenge may inspire others to take it upon themselves to attempt the task.

The 25th Element

Click here to view a clip of the performance.
For documentation purposes of potential challengers, the performance must be video recorded in one continuous shot (use on-screen time display on the camera to show duration). It must be timed and adjudicated by an unbiased third party, who must sign and date a certified checklist of the 25 moves.

The Twelve Point Five is the little brother of The 25th Element. Performed by a single person who must complete the 25 moves in 12.5 minutes.Tthe FSSB move is replaced with the Bath Urchin (so there is no need for an extra person). First attempt was by Ford on 21-05-03 in a successful time of 11 minutes 53 seconds.